Skinny Peppermint Mochas

Hola Chicas!

There’s no doubt it’s still fall, but the weather down here in Westchester, NY is screaming WINTER! But it’s like this every year, and I absolutely adore it. Even more than my brand new Ralph Lauren limited edition handbag my mom sent me from Spain while she was visiting my aunts. And that’s saying something! Thanksgiving is literally around the corner and right now, I’m just so excited for the holidays. School lets us out for two weeks of Thanksgiving break and my parents are thinking about spending the first week home for the actual Thanksgiving dinner and the second week resting poolside at the Carribean for a family vacation. Even though my natural chemical free tan is year-round, I certainly don’t mind soaking up the sun. Massie and the girls would be totally jealous, but you know I’d invite them if I could. ūüėČ

Flurries of snowflakes are drifting down my window right now and it’s my favorite part of the day. Home alone except for Joyce (my housekeeper). My homework is done thanks to Allie-Rose Singer and a $200 Barneys holiday gift card, and I’m curled up with my Starbucks skinny peppermint mocha. My parents are out for dinner with my father’s associates and joining a super boring dinner with them full of court lingo really wasn’t what I was in the mood for. So after declining their offer for me to join them, I feigned a headache and retreated to my room to watch re-runs of Gossip Girl. Afterwards, I had Joyce order in some Thai food and I ate in my room while skyping with Massie about the winter formal coming up soon.

There’s not really much to say other than life has been normal but good. Josh and I are still together and I personally think we are the cutest couple ever. Even rivaling Claire and Cam. The PC are bff’s and we haven’t had a true blow-out fight in ages. Everything is wonderful.

It’s a lame post, but I’ll make it up later during Thanksgiving break when I’ll have something to post about.


Alicia Rivera




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Behind the Scenes

ADM! It’s been way over 2-3 weeks since my last post, which makes me feel like an epic failure. If it wasn’t for Massie’s text yesterday I’d be leaving you chicas post-less for ah-nother week. Luckily, friends and palm pilots are quite the handy dandy reminders, so I cut dance practice in my private home studio short by at least an hour and scheduled my manicure appointment thirty minutes earlier, and here I am! Fresh and clean from a Philosophy Caramel Apple bubble bath (in the spirit of October) and clothed in a silk Ralph Lauren lace white cami and Michael Stars boy shorts. With my iMac powered on full gear, my Essie: Sexy Divide plum colored fingers are ready to give you a post worth reading. After the long wait, you chicas deserve it.

If anything, I think the only thing remotely important in the month of October is Halloween. The talk and blog inspirations that has landed upon WordPress. We’re pulling out the decorations and everything now seems to be clothed in orange and black with the haunting faces of jack’o lantern, witches on flying brooms, gravestones on front yards, and candy bars and chocolates lining the aisles of every supermarket. Costumes are geared in the making and plans are being made for the 31st. Is there anyone not talking about this famed ghostly spirited holiday? Even the little kiddies are begging their parent to let them go trick or treating despite their parents’ protest how unsafe the candy might be or how dangerous it is at night. My point is, everything is drowning in this holiday.

Monster masks and vampire fangs are being put on because its just that one day you can anyone but yourself. With the exception of WordPress, where you can be anyone at anytime. Take me for example. Alicia Rivera. Beta of the Pretty Committee and Massie Block’s best friend. Of course you don’t really believe that do you?

Well, that’s just the thing. I’ve been blogging for a short while but I feel that I’ve known a lot of you chicas for about forever. So today, out of the spur of the moment I’ve decided instead of masking up for Halloween, I’ll be the first to take off the mask. The first to show you, what’s behind the scenes of Alicia Rivera, site owner and blogger of this very blog you are reading.

Name: Alicia Rivera Makenzie ***********

Age: 15 years young

Where do you live: The United States, Texas

Favorite Color(s): Purple and Turquoise

Favorite sport: Tennis (I’m better than Madeleine. HA!!!!)

Favorite school subject: Math

Favorite book: Shug by Jenny Han (even though it’s a fourth grader book. haha.)

Five random things you don’t know about me:

1. I got a hot pink golf cart on my 12th birthday

2. I have a younger brother and sister.

3. My room is purple

4. My favorite ice cream brand is Blue Bell ( only sold in the south)

5. Madeleine is my next door neighbor (but you might’ve already known that.)

That was kind of short but to make up for it…here’s a picture of moi!

Happiest girls are the prettiest girls, so refrain the negative comments please!

¬†Happy October chicas! Halloween is a month to be anyone or anything. And what’s better….than being MYSELF!



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September School Days

Hola Chicas!

What a hectic month I’ve been having. I swear the rush is more exhilarating than a 50% off exclusive Ralph Lauren sale the day before Christmas.Obviously I’m talking about school. September school days…something to look forward to, and something to dread. I suppose the rush of meeting teachers and reconnecting with the PC while gossiping about the LBR’s is fun, but I know that by October, I’ll be counting the days till Thanksgiving and Christmas break.

Here’s my school schedule!

1st period- Pre-AP Algebra II

2nd period-Pre-AP chemistry

3rd period-Broadcasting

4th period- Pre-AP English

5th period- AP World History

6th period- AP French III

7th period- Varsity dance

Well for now, I’m just taking it all in. Massie is back to reign WASP, Westchester’s Academic St.Clair Preperatory. Freshmen year introduced me as head alpha, but let’s face it, that’s a burden I don’t want on my shoulders. The title of “alpha” is great but “beta” fits better don’t you chicas ah-gree? Well Massie definitely did not have any problem fitting into the social scene. Livvy and Strawberry and Olivia graciously welcomed her and soon enough everyone else followed. Even the stupid¬†LBRs last year that tried to over-throw the Pretty Committee when I was in command have given up and accepted Massie as the leader. At WASP, I’m still broadcasting the anouncements but since WASP prides itself on being onto the highest technology, my perfect natural summer golden tan makes it’s debut everyday at 12:00 p.m. on the 50 inch flatscreens hanging in every classroom to broadcast the news instead of boring old intercoms. It’s the perfect practice for my future job as a CMZ gossip reporter. After all, I’m the only reporter who delivers worthwhile news in style. The Pretty Committee even said I was better than Winkie Porter!

Anyways, it’s been tough finding time¬†to to keep up with this blog, but I’ve made so many fans along the way, I’m not sure I want to give up now. So I’ll try my best to update, but maybe once every two weeks or even once every week. I promise I’ll try my absolute best!

Currently,¬†I’m¬†dressed in a¬†Vera Wang¬†maroon¬†silk¬†tank-top,¬†a Ralph¬†Lauren light gray cardigan, dark wash True Religion’s, and¬†Miu miu ballet¬†black ballet flats that are adorned with an ah-dorable silk bow.¬† If the Pretty Committee was here, they’d rate me a 9.6 atleast! My glossy black hair is half way up and professionally¬†styled to delicate curls that frame my face. It’s a gorgeous Sunday and since the Pretty Committee are off spending their Sunday with their own families, I’m going out shopping with my mom at the Westchester mall. Apparently she want to talk to me about school and have some mother daughter bonding time. On our shopping trips, we always splurge and I almost always come home with at least eight different¬†complete¬†outfits including accesories to footwear! Who can deny letting my platinum Visa have some fun?!

M’kay, well Dean just pulled our new limo into the driveway and my Mom is calling me me to come down. Like what typical fashion obsessed chicas like myself would say…”The Mall is calling!”




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Dancing around the World

Hola Chicas,

It has been such a long time since my last update. Of course you all know the reason behind that story. But for those who have haven’t been too keen on the details I’ll re-explain for your sake. Since the begining to July, the Pretty Committee and myself set a trip to travel around the world. Well a little less than a month isn’t much time if you really want to drink up the international feel of all the countries of the world but it will do to give you a¬†taste of an exotic vibe and give you plenty of time to log-in your Bestie-Bonding hours. Long story short, we did manage to hit a couple of places. A little less than we planned but we had a great time nonetheless. The Pretty Committee ventured to Paris, Italy, Greece, Australia, Japan, Brazil, and Fiji. All of which were fantastic and stuffed with inside jokes and memories for years to come. Not¬†to mention the shopping a girl can do at some of these places were beyond ah-mazing!


The Pretty Committee returned home early in the morning of July 28, 2011. After resting a bit to adjust to our jet-lagg, we unpacked and spent the rest of the day at the mall sipping our Extra Strength Dr. Juice smoothies and looking over Massie’s Birthday party details and her hired party planner had finished and completed just on time. The layouts and virtual tour was amazing and absolutlely beautiful. Tiffany and Co. was such brilliant theme. It’s classy and fun for a fabulous fifteen.

On Massie’s birthday she spent the day at my house since I planned a small shower with the Pretty Committee. We gave her small gifts like Tiffany and Co. necklaces/bracelets and Juicy Charms for her charm bracelet. Then we played games and snacked on spicy tuna rolls and pickled seaweed salad with sparkling water. In the evening, we dressed up in our coordinating mini dresses except for Massie because her dress was a bit more special because of the event and made our way down to the the NYC loft in SoHo. I’m sure Massie will explain the deets and post pictures on her blog so I’ll just say it was the best party of the century so far. I had so much fun and everything was breathtaking. After the party it was super late but since it was a Friday, we still went to Massie’s for the after party. Or rather our traditional sleepover. Sadly, that’s top-secret so I’m afraid I’ll have to leave you guessing about what happened after that.

Well now it’s August. And after a goodbyes to Massie and the PC we’re all heading our seperate ways to finish up the Summer. I’m dancing at the New York School of Dance and Arts and I’m beyond excited. It was such a honor to get accepted. I heard Skye Hamilton tried to get accepted but failed. Ha! Her excuse was she got into Alphas and couldn’t bother with NYSDA. Well who cares because I did! I got accepted and the chance to dance with the best dancers in NY and the country is what I’ll be doing in August. So excited and SO scared. But I’m dancing my heart out. That I promise.

So Summer is slipping through my fingers and soon the leaves will fall from the tree and leave those branches bare with the taste of Fall. Which means Schools is starting soon. It’s such an shame but to be honest, I had fun this Summer. And with the years, I think each Summer just keeps getting better!



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Hola Chicas!

It’s almost been a week since I’ve arrived home to spend time with my family and relatives for our Fourth of July celebration. From the fabulous firework shows and delicious typical American gourmet barbecue, I’ve had a blast! Nina and her older twin sisters Cecilia and Isobel came down for a visit and surprisingly everything still worked out fine. The twins mostly kept to themselves and went shopping at the Westchester Mall for Ralph Lauren ensembles. Nina and I did a bit of shopping ourselves and we even had a spa day. It seems like her minor little kleptomaniac scandal the last time she visited was just an attention-getter. But honestly, she’s been a great companion. All my Ralph’s still hang from hangers in my walk-in closet and I’m having a great time.

The worst thing about good times, is that they’ll eventually end. My cousins caught their flight back to Spain this afternoon and without any siblings to keep me company, it’s been kind of lonely. Currently, I’m settled down in my favorite place in my room, the “reading” nook. A corner of my room filled with fluffly Aladdin/Jasmine inspired throw pillows, an exotic patterned carpet, along with a comfy chair underneath glowing lanterns that hang from the ceiling.¬† While it’s called my reading nook, I usually use it to read text messages and long phone calls from the Pretty Committee. But today, with a bottle of Perrier beside me and my white MacBook Pro, my OPI: Pink-a-Doodle varnished fingers are tapping away on the keyboard.

With WordPress, Shopbop, Bluefly, and Ralph Lauren pulled up on my tabs and my Discover card lays on my lap probably watching excitedly as I pile in a handfull of colorful print bikinis and sundresses for the Pretty Committee’s Summer Getaway trip. While friends can’t alway make it, my credit cards always do! LOL.

Well it’s dinner time, and my mom freaks when the Paella get cold, so I’ll update later in the week. Till then, check out all these fabulous blogs who deserve an advertisment!

–Signing off–


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Best Friend Summers

Hola Chicas


This is Alicia Rivera live from the Turks of Caicos via WordPress. Or rather my new iPhone 4. As I’m tapping away on the glossy screen with my French manicured fingers I’m lounging by the beach with my all time bestie, Massie Block. Yes, the Alpha of Alphas. After Skyping at 8:30 p.m New York time a few days ago, I figured it had been quite awhile since I actually saw Massie. Well since the Summer has provided us the luxury of free time, I suggested she come down for a visit. A fabulous idea, don’t you chicas think?!¬† Within a few days, the Alpha was back and here she is beside me tanning at the beach. Things could not get any better.

OCD’s student body welcomed Massie back with open arms. Even Principal Burns, which was a surprise. You would think after all the rumors and tricks we played on her she’d be hostile to Massie return, but instead she didn’t seem to mind. Maybe she’s been in the Sun juh-st a bit too lawng. ūüėČ Well just like old times, the PC was swarmed with ill-dressed LBRs desperate to take a peek at the PC with their leader back. I couldn’t be more happy standing beside her.

This morning, Massie and I woke up extra early to hit the boutiques and stores. Juh-st Alpha to Beta bonding time. It reminded me of all our shopping trips and Starbuck’s meetings we had back in Westchester. Best friends are the only people who know how you take your coffee. Two splendas and no cream. We spent the whole time talking and she even convinced me to purchase a burnt orange Missoni bikini. The color completely pops againsts my natural chemical free sun-kissed tan and makes me feel so exotic. Its the same old Massie Block, the girl with more vision that Bausch and Lomb.

Our little shopping expedition lasted about three hours. A very short time for girls like us. But we managed, and even scored exclusive tortoise shell Dior oversized sunglasses. Massie bought five pairs-for each member of the Pretty Committee. After all, at only$5,768 a pop, they were practically a steal. My Dior’s are currently perched on the top of my glossy black blow-out¬† and I ahdore them. Classy and Chic. The perfect combination.

The girls and I plan to go to spa later on. I’m thinking a seaweed scrub would be nice, and a facial is a definite must! Spa-ing with the girlies. Just like old times.More updates on the PC and my vacay at the Turks later on. Right now I’m here to enjoy the breeze, the ocean, the shops, and of course, my BESTIES!

 So Signing off, till next time!!!


~Alicia Rivera~


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